Drastic Fall Bio


 Drastic Fall began as a concept inside of the mind of its guitarist, Richard “Dick” Nasrallah. Like Dr. Frankenstein’s creation, Dick’s vision is both human and monster, relatable but frightening. Dicks’ brain child was born when he began collaborating with Christopher “Monkey” Fotter in 2006. A friend introduced the two at an old studio in clearwater where after talking for only a few minutes started writing new material on the spot most of which they still play today. With the additions of Geoff Stone on percussion and Cory Robbins on bass the band was finally complete.

 The band has produced 2 full length self produced albums and a DVD, in 2014 they were signed to Melodic Revolution Records. Over the years the band has had the privilege to share the stage with Marty Friedman, The Aristocrats, Mushroomhead, Psychostick, Alien Ant Farm, Goatwhore, Crobot, and more. Drastic Fall’s music is a collection of mind-blowing, in-your-face experimental metal with multiple different musical genre overtones. Their sound varies from easy listening, to carnival noises and everything in between. The music is laden with superhuman guitar riffs, rhythmic bass lines and dynamic drum beats.